Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Indo-Russian Soyuz mission confirmed?

A year ago the media was abuzz with talks of Indian astronauts going into space on the Russian Soyuz as a precursor to Indian manned mission. Both the sides confirmed that talks were on for collaborative mission. But, Russia later announced that they wouldn't able to accommodate Indian astronauts as there weren't any spare Soyuz and all that were there would be used to transport crew to the ISS.

Surprisingly, today there was a report that Indian astronauts would go to space in a Soyuz in 2015. There is much interest in this news due to person the comment came from and that even Roscosmos had this bit of news on it's website for confirmation.

An Indian cosmonaut will first go on a Russian space mission in 2015, prior to the Indian manned mission in 2017, Alexey M Mzareulov, deputy consul-general of the Russian Federation, announced. He made the announcement at the 50th anniversary celebrations of the first human space flight by Yuri Gagarin, organized by the Russian Centre for Science & Culture, which saw many American diplomats.

Link: India-Russia Space Mission May Occur in 2015

It's important to note that Roscosmos still mentions "India-Russia Space Mission May Occur in 2015". So, everything hasn't been finalized yet. Either way the news tells that the plan is at least moving ahead.


  1. I think it won't happen until 2020.

  2. That data maybe true for our own Human Spaceflight Program (GSLV, OV) but I think between 2015-17 there will Indian astronauts going to space on Soyuz.