Friday, April 15, 2011

Annual Report 2009-10

The ISRO Annual Report for the fiscal year 2010-2011 is out. To be frank, this years report is something of a disappointment since there is not much new information released. Some of the missing topics are the development of Semicryogenic engine and something more substantial on the progress of Human Spaceflight Program.

On the GSLV Mk-III front, we have some updates regarding the development of C25 stage.

The development of cryogenic engine for GSLV Mk III is progressing well. The hot test of Integrated Turbo Pump (TP) with Gas Generator (GG) in bootstrap mode was conducted for 40 seconds on August 13, 2010. The bootstrap mode starting of CE20 turbo-pump system with stored gas start up system was carried out and safe ignition of gas generator demonstrated.

Subsystem level development tests have been completed in most of the areas. The project has entered into the phase of stage level tests for propulsion modules and vehicle level tests like Ground Resonance Test (GRT). Based on the development status of various subsystems GSLV MkIII vehicle, the Project has worked out the plan for achieving the first experimental launch during 2012.

The 2012 date would be very hard to keep considering the work still remaining. If everything goes according to schedule the C25 should be ready for stage-level tests only by the middle of next year.

The SRE-2 seems to be delayed from the tone used in the Report. It will now be launched in 2011-12 but is shown in 2012-13 launch slot in the mission profile chart.

The Human Spaceflight program section doesn't provide any new information. It does mention one worrying prospect.

Project report on “Development of critical technologies for Human Spaceflight Project” is under the consideration of Government of India for approval.

The program has to approved as soon as possible for Indians to be launched into space this decade.

With respect to the RLV-TD program, the first demonstration flight, HEX, which was supposed to take place last year will now take place no sooner than in 2012. The report mentions that the vehicle mass was changed and hence a corresponding change in mission design had to be done.

These are the snippets from the Space Transportation area. I will try and post another two posts on Earth Observation Systems and Communication satellites or combine them into one single post.

Link to the Report : 2010-11 Annual Report

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  1. Well, it seems to be next three years would be development years for ISRO. I don't expect any major launches (expect GSLV-Mk2 with ICUS in 2012) within this period. I come to know that they are going to use PSLV to test new control systems including new launch software in coming years! I'm not sure by the way...