Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Indian Human Spaceflight Program officially disclosed

The Chairman of the Indian Space Research Organization officially disclosed the commencement of the Indian Human Spaceflight Program in Bangalore on January 27th, 2010. Dr. Radhakishanan told the reporters that the much awaited approval by the union cabinet was received and that ISRO planned to conduct the first flight in 2016, revised from the previously announced date of 2015.

The Chairman reiterated that ISRO would require 4 years to design the 'orbital vehicle' and another 3 years for testing and unmanned flights. ISRO is in the process of setting up a new astronaut training facility in Bangalore with the help of the Russian Space Agency. The media were also told that ISRO would shortly finalize 2 candidates as astronauts for the 2016 mission. These 2 astronauts would first travel to space aboard a Soyuz in 2013 to get the required experience for the indigenous manned mission 3 years later.

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