Monday, December 7, 2009

EXCLUSIVE PICTURES: India's Humanspaceflight concept

Pictures Credit: ISRO

This Human Space Flight Concept was presented the associate director of Vikram Sarabhai Space Center, Dr. V Adimurthy, at International Astronautical Congress in Daejeon, Korea on 15 October. The picture clearly shows the 4 ton crew capsule design that will propel India into a group of 4 nations with the capability of independent human Spaceflight. It also shows the Crew Launch Escape System (CLES) , which will propel the crew to safety in case of anomolies in launch vehicle functioning. Dr. Adimurthy explained that ISRO is confident of realizing the 7 year timeline that has been sought to develop the required technologies.

Dr Adimurthy speaking that IAC 2009

Will be back soon with the complete video of the presentation and India's future extra-terrestrial exploration plans. Let me assure you that it's just not Mars, much much more is on the radar.


  1. Go India! Our European bureaucrat`s should start investing in EU INDEPENDENT human space flight as well. Yet they have zero vision so far to start serious investment. The EU is the largest Economic system in the world. We should be leading not following everyone else. Thank`s India for leading the way. The EU leaders can`t continue to ignore this necessity forever.

  2. Yeah, India should really go to space fast, the ISS is getting dirty, the indian janitors r really needed there, and Mars is so messy with the red shit covered on it's soil, Indians can clean that up too.. haha

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